Truth Or Dare?



Set 6 months after Starsky is back on the streets after Sweet Revenge.



‘It’s only a little one, it wouldn’t take up much room’.


‘It’s not the size, it’s…’.


‘……what ya do with it. Yeah, I know, you tell me that on a regular basis. But that aint the point Hutch. I’m so pissed off with goin’ back to an empty apartment. It’d be nice to have some company’ Starsky swilled the dregs of his beer around his glass and tapped on the bar top. Huggy nodded and without words being uttered, two new beers materialised in front of the two cops.


‘I’m just sayin’ it’s not fair to leave a dog alone in the house all day’ Hutch tried to put his point reasonably.


‘It could come with us in the car. Like a kinda cop dog’. Starsky’s clouded, alcohol befuddled eyes glared at his partner.


Hutch squinted back. ‘It’s a fuckin’ poodle Starsk. It aint exactly an Als…Alsta… Alaste…… German Shepherd Dog. What’s it gonna do when we run down a flake, pee on him?’ Hutch grinned at his logic, the six beers having also clouded his judgement to a large degree.


It had been a long day for both cops, first out on the street that morning, trying to get a lead on Joey “Rifles” McGrath, an arms dealer new to Bay City but already causing mayhem, and then in court in the afternoon watching open mouthed as Snowy White received a community sentence and once again walked free from court. After seven months of following the narcotics dealer, painstakingly setting up a heist and with one of the men on the team still recovering from two bullet wounds, both cops felt depressed at the result and in need of a healthy dose of alcohol to take their minds off things. Today had not been a good day, but as Starsky had pointed out, they were still alive and after Gunther’s attempt on his life 17 months ago, that counted for a lot.


‘It could guard ‘em in the back of the car’ Starsky poked a pointy finger into his partner’s ribs, thereby indicating that he felt he’d scored a winner.


‘With your luck, it’d be car sick. Face it Starsk, a cop’s life don’t include a dog’.


‘The way we’re goin’ it don’t include much. Haven’t had a girl in….. well since before the shootin’.


‘An’ whose fault’s that? There was that real cutie in records. She had an eye on ya.’


For a moment, the alcoholic haze left the indigo eyes and Starsky looked sadly at his beer. ‘With all the scars, who the hell’d take a second look? I can just see it. Romance, candles, a nice meal an’ then bed. An’ the minute she sees the road map carved into my chest, she’d up an’ run a mile. It aint pretty Blondie. Hell, it even scares me sometimes.’


Hutch smiled fondly at his partner, awash with beer and emotion. ‘It doesn’t scare me. An’ anyhow, we got each other’ he hiccupped.


‘Aww that’s so cute’ a third vice interjected and both cops whirled to see the attractive slim blond woman standing behind them. She smiled radiantly and draped both arms around them simultaneously.


‘Cathy!’ both cops said together and as Starsky kissed the flight attendant’s right cheek, Hutch echoed the move on her left. Pulling away from the woman, Hutch appraised her slowly. Despite the fact they hadn’t seen her for well over two years, she still looked the same. Same slim figure, same shining, bouncing hair and same smile that lit up her face.


‘Where’ve ya been honey? We missed ya’ Starsky said as he pulled up a stool for Cathy to perch on. She sat between her two ex boyfriends, looking from one to the other.


‘I got a secondment to Monarch Airlines from Global. I’ve been in Europe teaching for two years and now I’m back in town just for one night before I head up north and I wanted to catch up with you both.’


Hutch grinned at her. ’We were just about to leave. My partner here is lookin’ for a puppy dog an’ I’m tryin’ to talk him out of it.’


‘What’s up Dave? Haven’t got company enough?’ Cathy asked seeing the look of something like hurt flashing across the familiar indigo eyes. She paused, but said nothing.


‘Just wantin’ someone to be at home when I open the door at night…… an’ to catch up with good friends’ Starsky grinned, comfortable with the girl he’d dated for over twelve months; the twelve months immediately after the seven months Hutch had been her boyfriend.


‘Don’t mind him, he’s just maudlin’ the blond muttered as he got off his bar stool and headed for the door. ‘Wanna go home with us?’


‘Wanna see a puppy dog?’ Starsky grinned cheekily


Behind Hutch, Starsky and Cathy linked arms and made their way out of the back door of the Pits. Cathy looked around for the familiar red and white car or Hutch’s battered brown flea trap, but seeing neither, she turned to the brunet.


‘Where’s the Torino?’ she asked.


‘Gone to the great Ford Cemetery in the sky honey.’


‘Oh my god! You loved that car. I thought you’d run it for ever.’


‘Uh huh. So did I. Unfortunately some goons with a semi automatic thought differently. It had to be um…. Retired.’


A cloud passed over Cathy’s face. ‘Are they the same goons who shot you?’


‘News travels fast…. and far.’ Starsky grunted.


‘Well it isn’t every day a cop is gunned down in his own police garage. I would have come back you know. If I could have done anything.’


The curly haired cop grinned and pointed at his partner. ‘Nah. I had Florence MacNightlight and his Deadly Lampshade to look after me. What else did I need?’


Starsky opened the door of his new shiny black AMX as Cathy looked approvingly at the motor and then got in. ‘You always had good taste in wheels’ she said.


‘Yeah, another big difference between me an’ him. He still has the same washing machine on wheels.’


‘It goes fine, an’ it gets me from A to B. An’ it don’t cost me a fortune every two weeks for a retune’ Hutch said defensively as Starsky set the car in motion with a screech of tires.


Fifteen minutes later they pulled up outside the beachside house Starsky had started to rent right after he’d come out of hospital. At first, he’d been unable to manage the steps up to Ridgeway and so Hutch had found the little place right on the beach, with the veranda running around three sides and the sea breezes coming in off the tide. Once well and fit, Starsky had grown so attached to it, that he took out a long term lease and made it his home for good. Cathy whistled approvingly.


‘Wow. New wheels and new pad. What happened to the old Dave?’


‘He’s still here. Neat freak extraordinaire’ Hutch grunted as they walked into the small, tidy living room. Both men took off their jackets and as Cathy sat looking out at the ocean, her legs curled up beneath her, Starsky rummaged in his cupboards for a bottle of wine.


‘Red ok?’ his muffled voice shouted from the kitchen.


‘Fine by me’ she shouted back, comfortable with the two men she seemed to have known for a lifetime.


The three old friends sat drinking the wine and chatting for a while. Cathy was as sexy as ever, her husky voice and intoxicating laugh lighting up the living room and as the level of the wine bottle lowered and another bottle was opened, the conversations became more mellow and just a little risqué.


‘Hey, do you guys remember the times we used to play Monopoly?’ Cathy finally asked.


‘Oh my God yeah. I still have the board. Wanna game?’ Starsky said, falling off the sofa as he crawled towards the cupboard. He managed to grab the red and white box and bring it back to the coffee table without mishap.


Cathy grinned. ‘Aren’t we all a little too grown up for Monopoly now?’


‘We could make it more interst….intra… inti…. Good’ Hutch slurred ‘Strip Monopoly’ he added with a flourish.


‘You’re wicked’ Cathy giggled. ‘Dave was never any good at Monopoly. He’d be naked in minutes.’


Hutch’s eyebrows raised in a predatory fashion. ‘Sounds good to me.’


Starsky flashed him a look of surprise and Hutch had the decency to blush.  ‘Well what about another game? Someth….something diff’rent.’


‘Oh… I got it. Truth or Dare. I haven’t played that since I was a little girl.’


Starsky grinned blearily at her, his eyes targeting her breasts. ‘Were you ever a little girl honey?’


She giggled and blushed. ‘Ok ok, who’s going to go first? We all ask each other in turn for a truth or dare. We ask a question and if ya don’t wanna answer it, you have to have a dare instead an’ if ya don’t do the dare, you take off an item of clothing. Sound good?’


The two cops nodded and Starsky poured three more glasses of wine. ‘We might need a little lubrication’ he mumbled.


‘Lubra….cation? What’re ya gonna do with that? Drink it or….’


‘Ya never know Blintz’ Starsky said, his eyebrows arching playfully. ‘Who’s gonna start?’


Cathy cleared her throat. ‘I will. Dave, truth or dare?’


Starsky fixed her with eyes that contained a challenge. He loved games and could never resist. It was the little boy in him coming out all over again, but at the same time, that little boy always played to win. Beside him, Hutch smiled to himself. The man he loved as a brother and maybe even more than that had reverted to type.


When Hutch had put his life on hold to look after Starsky through his recuperation, he’d seen more of his friend metaphorically and literally that he’d ever though possibly. In the early days, he done virtually everything for his partner, from feeding him to washing him to helping him in the bathroom. And he’d done it without comment. He’d done it because he loved Starsky and was so grateful that the brunet was still there with him. As the recovery proceeded and Starsky needed less physical and more emotional comfort, Hutch missed the physical interactions more than he ever thought he would, sometime longing just to be able to touch Starsky again as he once had, laying his hands on the brunet’s body and eliciting those moans of pleasure when he kneeded in the right spot, or soothed away a hurt.


Once Starsky was back at work, Hutch swallowed down those feelings, but both men acknowledged they were closer than even they had thought possible, to the extent where sometimes one would start a sentence and the other would finish. They ate from each other’s plate, more often slept over at each other’s house and even shared clothes. They were married, in every way but the physical way.


Hutch smiled in amusement as he saw the steely look enter the indigo eyes.


‘Truth’ Starsky said, wanting to start easily.


‘Ok. Have you ever swum naked in the ocean?’


‘That’s easy. Yeah, hasn’t everyone?’ the brunet grinned. ‘Do I get a point? Is it my turn?’


‘Uh huh’.


‘Ok, Cathy’ the curly haired cop asked. ‘Truth or Dare?’


‘Um…. truth’.


‘Who was better in bed? Me or Hutch?’


Cathy grinned. Unfair Mr Starsky. How am I supposed to answer that without offending one or both of you?’


‘Uh uh. That’s not in the rules sweetheart. If ya don’t answer the question, ya have to forfeit clothes!’


‘Fine’ Cathy’s eyes shone defiantly as she unbuttoned her blouse slowly, slipping it off her shoulders to reveal two pert and naked breasts. ‘Now what?’


Hutch put his hand up. ‘Starsk, truth or dare?’




‘Have you ever done it with another man?’ The challenge was bright in Hutch’s crystal blue eyes and was met by defiance from indigo blues.


‘What the hell sort’ve question is that?’


‘My question for you. You asked for a “truth” one. So tell me. Have you ever done it with another man?’


‘Yes!’ the answer came out a little too loudly and Starsky looked away, embarrassed. ‘It was in ‘Nam. We’d been out in that fuckin’ country for seven months. That’s seven months with just your hand or your mates for relief. An’ sometimes, your own hand just don’t cut it. So yeah, once or twice one of the guys jacked me off, an’ I did the same for them. But nuthin other than hand jobs. We never did nuthin else. Is that what ya wanted to hear? Did I get a point?’ the switch from angry ex soldier to little boy looking for a game point was endearing and Hutch felt a lurch in his groin as he fought down the urge to hold his partner and rock the hurt from him. He’d never wanted Starsky to have to think about the war and he was anxious to get back into the mood of the game, but he needn’t have worried.


‘I won a point. My turn again! Hutch, truth or dare?’ his partner asked him as he gloated on his winning streak.


‘Um, truth’ Hutch said, his eyes on Starsky rather than the semi clad woman who was sitting quietly across from them, watching the power play.


‘What’s the most sensitive part of your anatomy?’


Hutch’s heart stopped a moment. Some things weren’t supposed to be included in the game were they? He choked on his wine.’ What the hell sort’ve question is that?’


‘It’s your “Truth” question. C’mon, spill or take off some clothes’ Starsky said joyously.


The blond put down his drink without taking his eyes from his partner and pulled his shirt off over his head. For a moment, Starsky was mesmerised by the golden glowing skin. Hutch’s body seemed almost to be luminous in the soft amber glow of the single table lamp and the brunet was suddenly very aware of the hard lump tenting his tight jeans.


‘Coward’ the brunet managed to grunt breathlessly.


Cathy watched the interplay between the two men quietly. She understood their relationship even if they didn’t and she felt a warm surge of pleasure for them. They deserved each other. She knew for certain neither man swung that way and they’d never intimated that they had feelings for other men. But for each other? Their feelings transcended sex and even love. It was greater than that and she was sorry that they’d never got any further than being partners out on the streets.


‘I have one’ she interrupted. ‘I have a dare for Starsky, if he’s man enough to accept.’ She knew the challenge wouldn’t be ignored and she wasn’t disappointed.


‘Yeah? Are you sayin’ I’m chicken?’


‘You haven’t heard the dare yet.’


Starsky grinned belligerently. ‘Honey there’s aint nuthin you can challenge me to that I won’t accept.’


‘Are you sure? Be careful.’


Starsky nodded, raising his chin. ‘Shoot.’


‘Ok. Dave Starsky. Your dare is finding out which is the most sensitive part of Hutch’s anatomy.’


There was silence for a moment in the room. ‘Huh?’


‘You heard. Find out what Hutch likes and what he doesn’t’ Cathy said softly.


‘No…. I….’


‘I’ll accept the challenge the other way around’ Hutch heard himself say.


‘What?’ Starsky squeaked.


‘I’ll accept the challenge. I’ll find out what you like the most.’


‘Uh huh. It was my dare, stand back’ Starsky said, crawling over to his partner. He appraised Hutch slowly, taking in the broad shoulders, the muscular chest and flat abdomen. Hutch had started to take care of himself again. Gone were the moustache and the long hair. Gone was the slightly flabby appearance and in their stead was a golden Adonis with short flaxen blond hair and an iron physique.


Hutch watched his partner approach, his heart hammering in his chest. Starsky crawled towards him with almost feline grace and the blond moaned low in his throat. This was what he’d always dreamed of and yet now that it was happening, he could hardly bear it. What was he supposed to do? Bat away the hands he so desired and tell Starsky not to be a jerk? Drive away his partner even though he desired him more than life itself, purely to preserve his own image? Or sit back and allow those wonderfully delicate yet strong hands to explore his body as he’d so often fantasised about and to hell with what Starsky would think.


The brunet was upon him now, a curiously rapt look in those piercing indigo blue eyes. Starsky seemed to have eyes for nothing but Hutch’s body. Cathy was just a sweet lifelike figurine in the corner as she watched the drama play out. As the brunet’s hand lightly brushed Hutch’s shoulder it sent an electric shock coursing through the golden body and Hutch hitched a breath.


The one hand was joined by a second, the hands pushing him down until he was laying flat on the floor and Starsky paused to snag a cushion from the sofa to place beneath his partner’s head. Hutch smiled shyly and licked his dry lips, his heart like a trip hammer in his chest.


‘Gee thanks’ he whispered hoarsely.


‘No problem. Close your eyes babe’ Starsky breathed into his ear, determined to win his dare.


Carefully, he began to explore the golden body laid out before him, softly tracing the line of Hutch’s neck with his index finger, lightly brushing against the downy hairs growing there. Hutch shivered at the touch, but his eyes remained closed and he tried to relax, concentrating on the touch, rather than thinking how different it felt to have his partner do this rather than a girl.


The fingers were moving lower now and gently Starsky picked up Hutch’s right arm, tracing a fluttery line from wrist to elbow, circling the delicate skin on his inner joint before moving steadily upwards to shoulder and back up to his neck. Hutch purred in satisfaction as the brunet echoed the manoeuvre with the left arm, each touch featherlight, dancing over his flesh and barely touching, leaving electric tingles behind each delicate move.


The blond closed his eyes, feeling the swelling in his pants begin to harden. He couldn’t help it. This was more erotic than anything he’d experienced before and a soft moan escaped his lips as the fingers were suddenly replaced by something warm and moist. His eyes flashed open and he smiled into Cathy’s face as he looked down at him.


‘It looked too hot to miss’ she said huskily, ‘Do you mind?’


Hutch lazily shook his head on the pillow, but Starsky was too busy to look up. The brunet loved being able to touch his partner like this; simply having permission to stroke what had always been off limits before. He too had loved the contact he’d had with Hutch in those early days when he was so needy. Although he hated the reason, he loved feeling Hutch’s strong powerful hands on his body, giving the relaxing massages to ease his pains. And although he’d never admitted it, he’d sometimes feigned those pains just to have Hutch touch him again. Now he was going to enjoy every moment of this encounter just in case it may be the last time he ever had the chance.


As he felt Cathy continuing to kiss his partner’s lips, he took his chance and slowly and gently started to unbutton Hutch’s waistband to his jeans. The wine made him feel bolder than he normally was and as he dropped the zip, Hutch’s phallus sprung out from its prison and stood to attention. He felt, rather than heard Hutch’s groan at the release of pressure and grinned, feeling the increased pressure in his own groin at the same time.


Cathy broke the kiss as she felt the flaxen haired cop’s body shudder and she sat up, looking down the length of him to see Starsky eyeing the erection hungrily.


‘Touch him’ she whispered. ‘Feel him; how hard he is; how he wants… needs you. Touch him Dave.’


Starsky hesitated. What if this destroyed everything he’d ever had with Hutch. What if a stupid game ended what for Starsky had been the best relationship and friendship he’d ever had. What if….


The brunet’s uncertainty was brought up short as Hutch’s strong hand reached for Starsky’s wrist and placed it on his cock. Starsky sighed and without any further encouragement, he let the fingers of his left hand trail delicately up the underside of the phallus, smiling as Hutch twitched beneath his touch.


‘Oh God, Starsk…. so goooood’ the blond groaned no longer caring what his buddy thought of him. This moment was just too special and he wanted it to last for ever. As Cathy’s fingers started to work at his nipples, circling the dark brown areole and gently pinching the hard nubs of flesh, Starsky leaned over and hardly believing what he was doing, he delicately licked up the length of Hutch’s cock.


The blond twitched and cried out, his hands balling into the rug beneath him as his hips bucked upwards. Emboldened, Starsky opened his mouth and gently sucked in Hutch’s length, or as much as he could take. The skin of the cock in his mouth was warm; hot and so silky smooth that for a moment, the brunet remained still, his tongue gently exploring the mammoth rod. Experimentally, he flicked his tongue over the sensitive tip, smiling to himself as he hard the rough shout above him and the answering bucking of the golden hips. Oh yeah, he’d definitely found Mr Hutchinson’s sensitive places.


More energetically now, the brunet started to suck at the flesh in his mouth, running the cock almost to the end, before plunging his lips back down the shaft as far as he could take it. This was Hutch. This was the man he acknowledged now that he loved like a lover. The one man he felt alive with. The man who had given him his life back. The man who gave him his reason to live. And now all the gratitude, the love and the passion rose up as he devoured his partner an inch at a time, breathing in the heady, musky perfume that was true Hutch.


Above him, the blond was going wild. With Cathy’s expert hands teasing and torturing his chest and nipples and Starsky’s mouth doing wonderfully tortuous things to his cock, the blond was lost in a world of pain and passion and love as his hips bucked wildly and he called out Starsky’s name roughly into the night air.


Starsky heard the cry and stopped, unsure. Did Hutch want him to stop, or did he want this never to end? Hutch’s body was slick with sweat, his hands opening and closing convulsively as he lost himself in his world, but as the sensations in the core of his body stopped, he opened his eyes, questioningly.


Starsky looked at Cathy and down at the now huge, blood red, almost purple cock.


‘You wanna take care of this honey?’ he asked breathlessly


Cathy nodded. ‘Oh god yeah’ she said, crawling down the length of Hutch’s body until she was positioned between his legs. Deftly she rose up and then softly lowered herself onto the rod of flesh with a sigh.


Starsky almost sobbed with the feeling of loss. Knelt at the side oh his partner, he was now only an onlooker as Hutch closed his eyes and his body trembled. But as the brunet started to sit back on his heels, the blond’s hand shot out and caught a hold of his arm


‘Starsk’ Hutch moaned ‘you…. Want you too.’


The big, square hand reached up to Starsky’s jeans and pulled ineffectually at the zipper until the brunet helped and lowered it, letting his cock spring free too. He knelt up, his own phallus sticking out like a flag pole and weeping as it craved attention from someone, and as Cathy rocked herself backwards and forwards on Hutch’s member, Hutch guided Starsky towards his head.


The brunet sighed as he felt Hutch’s lips graze him for the first time. It took a titanic effort not to come there and then. The tension in his body shut out all other sensations than the blond’s tongue flicking delicately down the underside of Starsky’s  cock and the brunet leaned forward so that his buddy could take the length of him in his mouth.


‘God Hutch, I’m close…. So close’ Starsky warned, not sure if even this night of passion was ready for that scenario. But instead of spitting him out, Hutch sucked his partner in deeper, moaning in satisfaction at having Starsky impale him at one end, and he in turn impaling the girl at the other. The moan set off vibrations inside his mouth that almost sent Starsky over the edge. The crazed brunet needed to do something, anything to release some tension and in desperation, he reached for Cathy, pulling her into a kiss so deep she could taste Hutch’s essence on Starsky’s tongue.


Breaking free he groaned loudly as his partner deftly swallowed past his dick creating a suction so powerful and intense that Starsky thought he blow his mind. He shuddered, unable to control himself.


‘I can’t hold it, Hutch oh God!’ he cried as he felt his balls tighten and pull up into his body. Beneath him, Hutch gave an answering moan, as he too felt the same.


The two men came together, Starsky, his head thrown back and crying out Hutch’s name, Cathy moaning Hutch’s name into Starsky’s chest as she leaned against Starsky and felt the blond shoot his load deep inside her and Hutch, his mind calling out Starsky’s name again and again as he swallowed down the brunet’s offering led beneath the two of them, utterly drained and utterly content.


Slowly, coming down from their high, Starsky and Cathy extricated themselves from Hutch’s body and as the brunet lay down on one side of the blond, Cathy snuggled into the other side.


There was a contented silence in the room, the ocean a mere whisper outside the front window and the plaintiff cry of a lone gull over head. Inside the warm, amber lit room, the three friends relaxed, caught up in warm fuzziness, their bodies limp and boneless.


No-one said anything for a while, the silence stretching comfortably on until finally, Starsky rolled lazily onto his back and stared at his ceiling. He sighed happily.


‘Um, just one question’ he managed to gasp out. ‘Did I win the point for that dare too?’







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