What Were They Thinking Part 4



Author’s Note: Those of you who read the last one know, all type in italic is what they are really thinking.


Warning: Some adult content and humor…


Double Dating



Starsky pulled up in front of Hutch’s place, honking his horn. It was Friday night and they both were looking forward to a fun filled night of drinking and dancing. There was a pair of flight attendants that had gotten into town that morning, which happened to know a friend of theirs. All four of them were set up on a foursome, blind date. He quickly blew in his cupped hand and smelt it, checking his breath as he bounced up and down in his seat, obviously excited about tonight’s prospects. Whistling he bowed his head looking up at Hutch’s stairwell waiting for his partner to show himself.


He honked again, “Come on Hutch, we’re gonna be late!” He shouted through his open window. ‘If we’re late and these girls bail, you can find yourself a new partner, or at least find your partner, a new partner!’ Is what he really meant to say…


Hutch finally emerged from his humble abode, turning and closing the door behind him, “I’m comin’, I’m comin’…” He shouted back.  Yeah, yeah zip your pants buddy, they’re flight attendants, where do you think they’re gonna go?’


Hutch climbed in his partners’ car shooting him an impatient glare. “You in a hurry or something?” Hutch asked his friend, thinking, ‘Don’t tell me, you actually think you stand a chance tonight with these two stuck up stewardesses.’


“You betcha, I’m in a hurry, I can’t wait to get out on the dance floor and show this girl my moves!” Starsky said, doing an imitation tango move with his arms. ‘Are you kidding me, it’s been over three weeks since I’ve…nevermind…of course I’m in a hurry dummy!’


The Torino pulled away from the curb as Starsky guided the monster towards the ‘Boogie Nights’ dance club. Once there, they both noticed how crowded the place was, there wasn’t a parking space available. The eager brunet pulled into one of the vacant handicap stalls, killing the engine…Hutch looked over at his friend.


“You can’t park here, Starsk.” Hutch informed his partner. ‘It’s illegal, you could get a ticket.’


“Park where?” Starsky answered sarcastically, pretending he didn’t know where he was parking. ‘Whatya gonna do, tell on me? Every officer on the force knows my car, I dare them to ticket me…Remember, they would have to sign the ticket!’


Hutch just shook his head as he got out of the car with Starsky following close behind. The noise and smoke hit them hard as they opened the doors to the establishment. Hutch entered first, looking around as Starsky just followed the masses. The tall blond was easily spotted by the two waiting women, the taller brunet one, waiving her hand back and forth trying to get their attention.


Hutch tipped his head in acknowledgement of her as he stopped walking, causing his partner to run right into his back. Hutch swung around and glared at his partner as Starsky just shrugged off his partners’ irritation.


They both walked up to the table side by side, to greet the very attractive and well endowed women. Hutch shook hands with the taller brunet, already claiming his territory. “How’d you do, I’m Ken Hutchinson, and this is my partner, Dave Starsky.”  He said with a gesture of his hand, as he turned to see his friends’ childishly geeky grin. Starsky reached out taking the shorter blonds’ hand, bringing it up to his mouth, kissing the back of it chivalrously. Hutch rolled his eyes, trying not to watch Starsky make a fool out of himself. ‘Jeez, not the court jesters routine again.’


“I’m Dave, Dave Starsky.” He said as he let go over her hand, letting it fall to her side as she giggled. ‘Gets them every time.’  He thought.


“Well, my name is Lori, and this is my friend Mindy.” The taller one introduced the two.


Mindy giggled as Starsky held out her chair, and Hutch followed suit. “Well aren’t you two the perfect gentlemen.” Lori acknowledged their actions.


‘At least one of us is,’ Hutch thought.


‘At least one of us is.’ Starsky thought.


As the night wore on, the four of them enjoyed each others company for the most part. Hutch watched as his partner cuddled a little too intimately with Mindy. He blushed as the two made out right there at the table, feeding each other fresh fruits from their exotic drinks, Starsky holding it between his lips, feeding it into hers. They both smiled as their lips met, wrapping their arms around each others like no one else was watching.


Hutch cleared his throat, “Uh Starsk? Don’t you think it’s getting a little late?” Hutch said. ‘Least you could do is get a room, my treat.’


“Wanna get outta here?” Starsky asked his impromptu date. ‘I know we just met, but wanna screw?’


“Sure.” Mindy responded. ‘Sure.’


The two rose from the table oblivious to the others with them, as the kissed, petted, and teased there way out of the club.


Hutch was left behind with Lori, smiling embarrassedly. “I hate to ask you this, but that idiot there was my ride, would mind giving me a ride.” ‘What about giving me a ride too?’


“As long as it is not too far out of my way.” Lori offered. ‘Directly to your home, will not pass go, will not collect $200, or anything else for that matter.’


Hutch went home and had a restless night, thinking about his partner, and the brunets’ escapades. The next morning he rose and showered, then waited for Starsky to pick him up. He didn’t show, he was more than 15 minutes late, which wasn’t unusual for him after a wild night. He picked up the phone and dialed his friends’ number.


“Hello?” Starsky’s voice rang out over the phone. ‘Not now…’


Hutch could hear Mindy giggling in the background. He knew immediately that he had interrupted them, Starsky probably hadn’t even looked at the time yet.


“Starsk? It s’me…your late!” Hutch chastised the brunet, the anger evident on the blonds’ face. ‘I know what you’re up to, better hurry and get over here, pronto!’


“Yeah? Hold your horses, I’m comin’, I’m comin!” Starsky said as the line went dead.




The End