What Side Of The Bed?



‘Here, you can’t open the bottle with your hand all bandaged up like that’ Starsky took the bottle of pills from his partner’s left hand and popped the top, emptying one of the small white tablets out into the cap and dropping it into Hutch’s palm.


The blond swallowed it and took the glass of water Starsky handed him, drinking thirstily until it had all gone, the drugs from the hospital making him feel dry and oddly horny. He put the glass down and looked curiously at the brunet.




Starsky shook himself from his dream. The sight of Hutch bandaged and in pain was something he found compulsive and erotic and he felt the bulge in his too tight jeans push uncomfortably forward.


Sick little puppy Davey boy. Get your brain outa your pants and into gear huh?


He cleared his throat uncomfortably. ‘Nuthin. You want to go lie down?’


Hutch scrabbled off the sofa and stood, swaying slightly. The anaesthetic they’d given him at the hospital to deal with his hand after the trunk of his car had exploded had left him woozy and spacey and he staggered against the brunet, leaning heavily against the smaller man so that Starsky could feel the heat emanating from the tall muscular frame. He swallowed down his thoughts and concentrated on his partner’s comfort.


‘Whoa there big boy. Here lemme help ya’ Starsky put his arm round Hutch’s waist and steered him towards the bedroom, wedging the two of them in the doorway in the process. He giggled, extricated them and tried again, finally propping Hutch against the wardrobe door till he could pull the bedclothes back. The blonde’s ice blue eyes were glassy with the effects of the drugs he’d been given and his movements were uncoordinated, but they managed to get onto the bed and Hutch plopped down by the side of the pillows, his head hanging down as he fought the sleep inducing drugs.


Wearily he raised his hands and tried to unfasten the buttons on his shirt, but the clumsy bandages stopped any fine motor skills and he looked up at his partner with a little boy lost look in his eyes. His hands dropped to his sides.


‘Starsk?’ he said tiredly. ‘I can’t…help’.


The brunet took hold of the front of the shirt and deftly unbuttoned the buttons, his fingers skimming the tanned, muscled torso and he jerked his hands away in shock as Hutch trembled beneath his hand. He looked up, uncertain and caught the look in his friend’s eyes.


‘M’sorry Starsk. Its just the drugs’ he said, blushing ‘they make me feel…..ya know. S’just the drugs’.


Starsky swallowed again. ‘Sure it is’ he mumbled, easing the blond up so that he could relieve him of his jeans. How could he tell Hutch, his partner of six years that for as long as he could remember he’d loved him as a brother, but since the incident when Hutch had been sick with the after effects of the heroin and he’d been weak and helpless, he’d also felt his love change to that of a lover? There was just something about the usually big, healthy and vital man looking hurt and vulnerable that affected the brunet’s testosterone levels. It confused the hell out of him because he loved women.


In fact he’d never even looked at a man in the same way he now looked at Hutch. And Hutch was looking back at him. Was it hunger or the drugs he saw in those ice blues? He mentally shrugged.


Don’t be so fuckin’ stupid. He’s a healthy woman loving guy. Why should he feel the same way about you huh?


He picked up Hutch’s legs and swung them onto the bed as the big man rolled over, snagging Starsky’s shirt beneath him and pulling the curly haired man onto the bed with him. Starsky froze as he felt Hutch’s arm snake over his shoulder and ruffle through the fur on his chest.


‘Hutch?’ he said carefully.


The hand stopped it’s ticklish exploration. ‘Hmm?’


‘What’re ya doin’?’


‘I love you’ the blond said sleepily.


‘Yeah, I love you too Blondie’ Starsky replied as casually as he could, but his heart hammered in his chest.


The hand around his shoulder tightened. ‘No, mushbrain….I really love ya’.


The smaller man struggled to turn over under the strong arm and looked at his partner’s face. He expected to see half closed eyes and a drunken look, but instead the ice blue pools were fully open, if the pupils were a little larger than normal.


‘What’re ya….’ the words caught in his throat as the blond trailed his uninjured hand down the line of the fur leading to the denim waistband of Starsky’s jeans. He held himself stiff, hardly breathing, unable to believe what was happening. Tentatively he reached up and brushed his fingers lightly over the tanned, smooth shoulder and Hutch sighed, shivering slightly.


‘S’nice’ he mumbled, snuggling closer to the other body on the bed. His free hand worked at the button on Starsky’s jeans and then lowered the zipper, pushing aside the tough material and dipping inside.


The breath caught in Starsky’s throat, unable to comprehend, but his own body shivered in response and hesitantly he reached under the sheets and felt the hard rod of flesh through the flaxen haired man’s boxers. Feeling the gentle, tentative touch, Hutch groaned and pushed the centre of his body against the probing hand and Starsky pushed aside the fine cotton and grasped the hot cock feeling the length and the breadth of the phallus in his hand. Hutch was most certainly well endowed and he shuddered as the brunet gently fluttered his hand up and down the length.


‘Drawer….dresser’ he muttered without opening his eyes.




‘Lube….in the dresser’ Hutch’s voice had taken on a far off quality, but Starsky moved from the bed and searched trough the odd and mismatched socks in the drawer until his hand closed on the tube of Slippery Stuff.


He looked back at the bed, at his golden headed partner who lay on his back now like a wanton, fallen golden angel, his injured hand cradled protectively to his chest, the other arm flung to the side, beckoning his partner back to the bed.


Starsky walked back with rubbery legs, his own cock leaping to attention as he drank in the golden body, clearly defined muscles and broad chest. He knelt by the side of his friend.


‘Hutch, I need to know. Are you sure you want this?’ he waited, tensed for the rejection.


Hutch opened his eyes lazily. ‘Do you?’


‘Not what I asked Blintz.. If we stop now, this as just messing around. Any further and we have to live with the consequences’.


Hutch reached out his good arm and pulled the brunet down. ‘Gimme the consequences’ he said clearly.


Starsky bent forward and very delicately covered his partner’s mouth with his own, unsure whether he would be fully accepted and bracing himself for the drugs to wear off, for reality to hit and for Hutch to push him away. But it never happened. Instead, Hutch’s lips parted and his tongue shyly moved to meet Starsky’s. The brunet invaded his partner’s mouth, his tongue claiming every corner of the hot wet cave as he tasted the blond on his lips, moaning as Hutch sucked on his bottom lip.


He pushed himself up and squeezed some of the lube onto the palm of his hand, feeling the jelly warm against his palm. The he laid down at the side of the golden body and gently took  Hutch’s cock feeling it leap at his touch. As he grasped it firmly and started to stroke down it’s length with firm strokes, Hutch moaned beneath him, thrusting his body up to meet the caresses. Starsky’s hands were strong and gentle at the same time and while his hand worked on the blonde’s member, his mouth was busy nibbling up the centre of the smooth chest from belly button upwards, He halted at the small hard nipples, rimming each one and biting down gently at first and then harder as his lover writhed beneath him.


Hutch was lost in the incredible sensations coursing though his body. Women had played his body before, but only another man new exactly what felt so good and how to make it last. He wanted this moment to last forever, having the strong brunet above him, the fingers needing into his muscles, the mouth hot and wet against his chest and neck. Hs cock felt enormous, the pressure in his balls building until it hurt to move or to think. And still the brunet continued, milking the moments and stretching seconds into minutes and minutes into long, pleasure filled hours.


As his good hand clawed at Starsky’s muscled back, leaving red welts down the back and flanks, Starsky pumped his cock faster and harder until he felt the rod turn to a pole of purple marble. Deftly, Starsky bent and took the organ in his mouth, the length filling him until he thought he would choke. His tongue flicked against the tiny opening and Hutch cried his name out loud in a voice husky with need, his hand burying itself in soft chocolate curls, pulling himself further and deeper into the hot wet cave.


Starsky felt as though he would never breathe again, but he didn’t want to, if Hutch woke up in the morning and thought this was all a terrible mistake, he would want to die anyway, so he may as well go out with a bang – pun intended.


He increased the suction on the cock filling his mouth, sucking it in and swallowing to increase the suction. Hutch bellowed his name and shuddered.


‘Oh Christ that’s amazing. Again. Do it again’ he panted as Starsky duly obliged.


Hutch moaned into the pillows as he felt the heat in his loins build to painful proportions. He felt himself approaching the point of no return and suddenly wondered if the brunet realised and what he would do. But then Starsky sucked his length once more and the world sparkled, blotting out all coherent thoughts as Hutch shot his warm, salty load down his partner’s throat.


Starsky had known it was coming. He knew, when the balls tightened and the cock in his mouth reached the consistency of granite that Hutch couldn’t hold out much longer and for a fleeting moment wondered what it would be like. But then the moment came and Hutch’s member shuddered shooting the gloopy salty fluid into his mouth. It was bitter and warm rather than hot and he swallowed convulsively again and again until his partner groaned once more and the huge phallus began to deflate.


Slowly and a little stiffly he got up from between Hutch’s legs and looked in wonder at the smile on his partner’s face and the love in his eyes. He wiped the back of his hand over his mouth and shuffled up the bed until he was nestled in the crook of Hutch’s arm.


‘What about you?’ the blond asked, looking down at the still erect cock poking out of Starsky’s jeans.


‘S’ok, you’ve got a sore hand’ he said, looking up into the ice blues.


Hutch shuffled out from under the brunet body and reached down to touch the end gently. ‘it only takes one hand’ he grinned as he closed it over Starsky’s rod. The brunet jerked in surprise, unable to hang on for more than three or four pumps before he shot his own load over his partner’s hand and the bedclothes.


‘Oops’ he said tiredly as he snuggled back against the blond body. Within moments both men were asleep.




Morning sun shone through the open drapes at the curtains and the welcome heat played on the muscled, bare shoulder, easing the brunet awake. For a moment he wondered where he was and how he’d gotten there. Hutch’s room. Why was he in Hutch’s….Oh God! He remembered! The previous night; that night of surprises for both of them; the previous night when Starsky’s hopes and dreams had all come true.


Carefully, so as not to disturb his sleeping partner, he pulled away from the tangle of long blond limbs and examined his….lover? He couldn’t quite think of Hutch in that role, but what they’d had the previous night was special. What was it about seeing the blond in pain that made him feel that way? There was something in the crystal eyes, some vulnerable quality. Some way the bottom lip seemed to pout when Hutch was hurting that made him want to sweep the man into his arms and hug the hurt away. And of course he had done that before.


In that small upstairs room at Huggy’s as his partner came down from the effects of the horse that had been pumped forcefully into his body, Starsky had held him and rocked him and poured hot, black coffee down the convulsing throat. And all the time, he’d wanted to hold the suffering face, pull it to him and kiss away the pain. But he hadn’t the nerve, hadn’t the courage for fear that Hutch would reject him. And the idea of life without the blond was too much to bear. So he’d suffered in silence. All the times Hutch would casually drape his hand over the olive toned shoulder, or take a bite of his sandwich, or take the cup from his hand and drink his drink, Starsky would cherish, hoping that Hutch would never see the longing in his eyes.


And there were the women. He still enjoyed the women. In fact he couldn’t think of getting it off with a man. At least no man other than Hutch. The very thought of a strange man touching him sent shocks of revulsion down his spine. So what was it with him and his partner?


And then the thought struck. Abby and Andrea! Shit! What would happen to them? Would he and Hutch become mutually exclusive? Would he want to go with a woman again? He paused for a moment and thought of Andrea’s long blond locks, her seductive giggle and the way she could taunt him with her hands and mouth. No, he didn’t think he could ever give that up. But Hutch’s hand on is cock last night had been something else completely. Warm, forceful, caring. Hutch knew him better than anyone, and that’s what made the difference. He didn’t need to pretend that he was enjoying it, or that he wanted it, or that he was hurting. Hutch knew. They had a bond.


Starsky watched as his partner’s body slowly woke, becoming aware of his surroundings and for a brief, terrifying second, he wanted to jump out of the bed and bolt for his car. What if Hutch freaked out? What if last night was just a weird product of the drugs and pain meds? Would they ever be the same again?


I’ll leave the force. I’ll go back to New York. I can take photos for a living. He’ll not want me around anymore. He’ll no…oh God his eyes are opening. He’s gonna see me! He’s gonna realise I’m naked in his bed. He’s gonna….


Hutch opened his eyes slowly and blinked. He’d dreamed of hands on his body. Strong, knowledgeable hands that knew his most intimate places and how to play beautiful music with his muscles and skin. In his dream he hadn’t seen his lover, just felt the warm hands kneading and caressing. And he knew that lover wasn’t Abby. Sure they’d had good times and she’d called him the best lover in the world. He was flattered but didn’t believe her. She could bring him off when he was in the mood, but something was missing. And until last night he hadn’t realised what that something was. He sighed and reached out a hand to caress the mahogany curls next to him. A small smile played over his lips.


‘G’mornin’ he mumbled sleepily.


‘Mornin’ yourself’ Starsky replied. ‘How’s the hand?’


Hutch rolled over onto his back and brought the bandaged hand up to his eyes, examining it. ‘S’ok. Didn’t ya know that sex is a natural endorphin?’


Starsky’s body jerked to attention. It was OK! Hutch hadn’t freaked out and last night wasn’t some drug induced mistake. He could hardly believe that his partner was taking this quite so casually.


‘Hutch, we need to talk’ he blurted out.


‘I know buddy, but not now huh? Last night’s still too fresh and it was….special. Lets have a shower and breakfast an then we can talk’. He rolled out of bed and stood, naked and golden, his cock standing once again to attention, nestled amongst the golden wiry hair. Starsky wanted to run his fingers through that triangle now, but he swallowed down his need and instead feasted his eyes on the man he’d known as a brother for six years. Was this going to become a whole different kind of relationship? How would it affect them at work? Could they work together? Would they last?


He shook his head. Too many questions without the hint of a burrito in sight. Hutch seemed so comfortable with the whole thing, why couldn’t he just relax and enjoy the moment? He lay back and flung his arm over his eyes. Take it easy. Breathe. And talk later.




Hutch watched as the brunet came out of his bathroom, orange towel wrapped proprietarily around his lean hips. He’d towelled most of the water from his body, but tiny silver, sparkling jewels still clung to some of the hairs on his chest, dancing in the sunlight as he breathed and walked to the bedroom on bare feet. Minutes later he emerged, dressed once again in his oh so tight blue jeans and tee shirt, towelling the unruly curls into some semblance of order.


He walked slowly across the room and sat down on the sofa opposite the blond, watching his reactions carefully.


‘So you want to talk now?’ he said carefully.


‘Not a lot to talk about really. I’ve known for a long time that I wanted you’ Hutch said without a hint of embarrassment. ‘I just never thought you felt the same way’.


‘You wanted m…..how long? I mean…..I’ve tried to hide feelings for so long. And then last night you needed help an’ my shirt got caught under you an’ I fell on the bed. I never meant for it to happen Blintz I swear!’


A shadow crossed Hutch’s face. ‘You mean you didn’t want to….oh shit Starsk. I never meant to force you to do anything. I was just so….it was the drugs, they do it to me every time an’ I didn’t want to be alone an’. I’m babbling I need to shut up’.


‘You never forced me to do anything. When have you ever been able to force me to do something I didn’t want? Starsky said, shunting off the sofa so that he knelt on the floor in front of Hutch to lay his hands on his partner’s knees. He looked up into the troubled eyes.


‘Hutch if this is uncomfortable, we stop it now. I can’t make you miserable babe, and I’m not gonna do this if it changes things and we can’t work’.


Hutch snorted.’Changes things? Course it changes everything. It changes how I look at you and how I work with you and how I teat you when we’re alone’. He grasped the hands that were leaving his knees and pulled them back to him. ‘But it changes things in a good way. We don’t have to pretend any more. We can learn what we like, how to read each other even closer’.


Starsky grinned. ‘Didn’t your Momma tell you ya shouldn’t be readin’ books like that? You’ll go blind!’ he stood and pulled the big blond up into a bear hug of an embrace and then led him back to the bedroom. ‘We don’t have to be in work till lunchtime’ he said huskily.


Their love making was more slow and sensual than the previous night, and this time it was Hutch that took the lead. He discovered quickly that his partner preferred the more painful side of sex, especially when he licked at the brown nipples lying half hidden in the fur and then bit down on them. His teeth grazed the sensitive spot and he worried the hard nubbin with his teeth as Starsky bucked below him, hissing through clenched teeth. Hutch reached further down his lover’s body and felt the hard cock spring to attention, filling his hand with warm flesh. He closed his fingers round the rod and stroked up and down the length slowly as Starsky moaned into his mouth. Prolonging the moment, he pulled away and looked into the misty indigo eyes.


‘Tell me what you like. What I can do for you’. He said.


Starsky sighed. ‘Anything you do is fine’.


‘No, be specific. Tell me what really turns you on’ the blond persisted. ‘I want to make sure that after all these years of waiting you get exactly what you want!’ He bent down and nuzzled at the throbbing jugular vein on the long tanned neck as Starsky gasped.


‘I can’t think when ya do that’ he mumbled huskily, his voice thick with love and need.


‘Tell me’ Hutch whispered in his ear and reached once again for the nipple with his fingers. He felt the nubbin harden at his touch and he squeezed it, gently at first and then harder so that the brunet hissed again.


‘Yeah, that. I like that’ he panted.


‘You like pain?’


‘I like it when you do it. Its not like when our fan club are beatin’ the crap out of me. That’s not it at all. But with you, its like a power trip. I want you to take control. I want you to be in charge. I want you to…..S’ok it doesn’t matter’.


Hutch twisted the nipple again and bit down on the other until the brunet let out a small whimpering cry. ‘Oh God yeah. Do it Hutch, just do it’.


The blond pushed away again. ‘Not yet Gypsy, but soon. You really want me to take charge? Like a….an owner?’


Intense cobalt blue shone back at him, unnaturally bright. ‘I want you to own me, yeah. I want you to take me, force me….is that too much?’


Hutch claimed the waiting mouth again, plunging his tongue forcibly into the hot wet interior, his tongue fighting with Starsky’s for control as the brunet writhed beneath him, finally pulling away and looking into his lover’s eyes.


‘Your wish is my command’ he whispered.




Artie Solkin had been dealt with, Tommy Marlowe had been admitted to Cabrillo State to have his eyes and his mind dealt with and the paperwork had been done and finished.


Since the previous morning, neither detective had had much time to think about love life, sex, each other or their girls, but now that things were quietening down, Hutch’s mind turned back to the conversation they’d had in bed. His body still tingled when his mind went back to the lovemaking, although he was somewhat confused. He still loved Abby, or at least he still had feelings for her, but whether it was true love or whether it was pity because she’d gotten in Solken’s way, he hadn’t a clue, and lacked the energy to find out.


When her brother had come to take her home, part of his heart went with her, while the other half of him was relieved that now he could concentrate on his new love. And concentrate he did. Starsky meant more to him than life itself and if Starsky said he wanted to be owned – dominated? who was he to argue, so he set about making his plans.


Later that night he dropped Starsky off at his place and drove home to get himself ready. Tonight his partner was going to get what he wished for and Hutch had certain things he needed to get together. He’d had a good time thinking about his ideas and getting a plan together.


Carefully he showered, shaved and dried his hair, picking his tightest black jeans out of the wardrobe and adding a black tee shirt. He looked at himself in the wardrobe mirror and a golden headed demon stared back at him. Did he look like a dominant? He didn’t know, but the thought of his partner giving himself over to him left his cock springing to attention and his breath whistling in his throat. Putting his cuffs and key, some new white rope, his tube of lube and a black belt into a small gym bag, he checked himself one more time, then went quietly out to the car.


It was just after 1:00am when Hutch arrived back at Starsky’s apartment and he turned the engine off, coasting to a halt. He wanted the element of surprise on his side and he doused his lights also. Gently he closed the door to his car, satisfied that there were no lights showing inside the house. He walked quietly up the steps and swiftly inserted his keys in the lock, pushing the door open without a sound. He inserted himself into the dark room and paused a moment, checking he hadn’t been heard. Satisfied Starsky hadn’t been disturbed, he unzipped the gym back, taking out the handcuffs and black belt.


Starsky was dreaming of beef burritos with everything, the sauce running down his chin as he ate and as he tried to put his hand up to wipe his mouth he felt a dip on the side of the bed. Before he could open his eyes, he felt something supple and cold drop around his head, blinding him.


Panic in his voice he yelled out in surprise, hands beating blindly at the air as he fought with his silent attacker. Since Bellamy had broken int his apartment and shot him full of God knows what, he’d never slept particularly easily, and now his heart hammered in his chest. He felt himself flipped over onto his front and his wrists pulled roughly behind him to be fastened with something that felt horribly like handcuffs. He tried to kick out, but he was flipped over again onto his back and a hand was clamped over his mouth as he felt a weight descend across his middle, another body holding him down to the bed.


He stopped struggling, fighting for breath as he sensed a face near his ear.


‘Who do you belong to now?’ a familiar silky, velvety voice asked calmly.


His head tossed on the pillow, trying to rid himself of Hutch’s hand. What was his partner doing? Was he crazy? Was he on something? And then he suddenly remembered their conversation and his admission that he wanted Hutch to own him. This was it, his partner was putting his wish into practice and the thought excited him beyond his wildest dreams. He’d always taken charge of his girlfriends, taken care of them and been the strong manly figure for them. In his job on the streets he was in charge, always the lawman with the badge and always helping those in distress.


But now he wanted to give himself up completely and relinquish all free will, wanting to be loved, cared for and….yes….made to do whatever Hutch wanted. This was the culmination of his dreams and Hutch’s display of his undying love for his partner.


His struggles ceased and he stayed stock still, wishing he could see his new lover, to discover the expression on the blond face and in the ice blue eyes. He relaxed marginally.


‘Are you going to be quiet now?’ Hutch asked mildly. ‘Or do I have to gag you too?’


The thought excited the brunet, but Starsky wanted to be able to talk to his lover, tell him what he liked and how much he liked it. He nodded his consent and the hand was removed, but the blindfold and cuffs remained, the rapidly warming metal digging into the small of his back.


The weight moved from his middle and Starsky could feel Hutch leaning down beside the bed, then sit up again.


‘Tonight you’re mine. All mine, to do with as I please. And the first thing I want to do is to make sure you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Do you understand?’


Starsky licked is dry lips. ‘Yes’ he whispered, the word sticking in his throat, the air suddenly heavy around him as though breathing was becoming an issue. ‘But you don’t have to, I’m all yours’ he said, then jerked his body away and hissed as Hutch pinched his left nipple hard.


‘I said you weren’t to speak. Do I need to gag you?’


Starsky melted beneath his touch and clamped his mouth shut and Hutch grinned.


‘That’s the first time I’ve ever had the last word. Now sit up and shuffle to the end of the bed’ the blond put a helping hand on the curly haired man’s shoulder and Starsky scrambled to the ends of his bed and sat with his feet on the floor. Hutch reached behind him and unbuckled the belt from round his eyes and let it drop to the floor as Starsky blinked at the moody lighting cast by his bedside table. He gasped as he looked up at his black clad partner looming above him. He wanted to reach out and caress Hutch’s waist and hips and the bulge in his jeans, but his hands were still cuffed behind his back, so he sat and waited for the next command, feeling a odd stillness descend over him.


Hutch unbuttoned the waistband of his jeans and then stood between Starsky’s naked legs, the centre of his body level with the brunet’s face.


‘Unzip me’ he whispered and put his hands on his lover’s head pulling it to him. Starsky tried to take hold of the zipper with his lips, but the tongue of the fastener was too small and after several attempts he moaned in frustration and nipped it with his teeth, grasping it and pulling it down n one motion. Hutch wore no underpants and his cock sprung free, enticingly close to Starsky’s waiting mouth. He breathed in the smell of his partner’s sex, a woody, uniquely Hutchy smell which made his mouth water in anticipation. Hutch thrust himself forward and Starsky opened his mouth and sucked the whole length into his mouth, gagging as it hit the back of his throat. He concentrated on breathing past the enormous rod of flesh invading his mouth and began to suck, slowly at first and then more rapidly, moving his head up and down as Hutch bucked his hips in answer, thrusting himself more deeply into that waiting cavern.


Starsky wanted to make the experience last, enjoying giving his partner the pleasure. He swallowed down the pool of saliva in his mouth, increasing the suction and Hutch howled, thrusting faster until the brunet was unable to breath fast enough between movements. He felt the fluttery feeling in his stomach marking the beginning of oxygen deprivation, but he carried on, his sole purpose to service the hugs phallus in his mouth and just as he thought his breath would fail him, he felt Hutch shoot his warm salty load down his throat.


He tried to swallow down the fluid, but his breath was giving out and he made a desperate moaning noise in his throat, instinct taking over as he tried to pull his head away from Hutch’s grasp. The blonde realised his partner’s difficulties and, full of contrition moved away, cradling the panting brunet in his arms and rubbing his thumb across the sweating face, smearing the cum across his friends cheek.


‘I’m sorry Starsk. I’m so sorry’ he whispered into the moaning man’s ear, but Starsky wanted no apology. He pushed his head into Hutch’s shoulder and nuzzled against the warm flesh, willing Hutch to go further and make him his.


Hutch pulled away and looked into the indigo eyes. ‘I love you. Do you love me?’


‘With all my heart’ Starsky replied promptly.  And don’t apologise. You’re wonderful. Take me? Now?’




‘I want you to take me’.


‘But you don’t get to call the shots here, I do. You wanted me to take charge, so keep quiet my little pet and lie back’.


Hutch’s words drove Starsky’s cock crazy as he complied and laid back on the bed looking trustingly up at his blond partner. Hutch straddled his lower body and Starsky could feel the heat of his balls against the cooler flesh of his thighs. He moaned again and closed his eyes as Hutch started to massage his chest slowly and firmly, strong broad ands working up and out, ducking lower and lower until the were dancing just above the wiry hairs of his manhood.


The blond shuffled a little further back and took hold of Starsky’s cock, pumping it slowly up and down as the smaller man writhed below him. Leaning forward he flicked his tongue over the purple head of his lover’s penis and Starsky jerked his body, a jolt of sheer pleasure coursing through his body. Hutch continued nibbling and sucking the hard red cock until Starsky was panting and gasping and trying to rear up to push himself against Hutch’s hand.


When he saw that his partner wouldn’t be able to keep control for much longer, he took hold of Starsky around the waist and flipped him easily over onto his front, pulling him up until he was on his knees, his forehead resting on the bed and his hands still secured behind him.


Starsky was moaning almost continually now, gasping at the pleasure his partner heaped upon him, small pearly beads of pre-cum leaking from his engorged member. He whimpered as Hutch got off the bed and returned momentarily with the tube of lube.


‘Are you sure Gypsy?’ he asked. ‘say now because after that, there’s no turning back’.




‘Please what? Tell me what you want me to do’.


‘Take me’.


‘I don’t understand. Tell me what you want’ Hutch’s hand stroked down the muscled back, feeling the crest of spiny bones as his partner shuddered below him.


‘Fuck me’ Starsky mumbled into the quilt, his body yearning for release, invasion, for Hutch’s cock to be inside him.


‘I don’t think I heard that’ Hutch smiled. ‘Tell me again, louder. Tell me over and over’.


FUCK ME, fuck me fuck me fuck me’ Starsky moaned, spreading his legs wider to give Hutch better access. He felt the cold jelly as Hutch put a goodly amount of lube around his entrance and moaned as he felt Hutch’s finger enter the very outside of his anus, rimming the outside, taking it slowly until the brunet became accustomed to the invasion.


As Hutch pushed his finger further in, Starsky’s muscles spasmed around the invader and he groaned. The invader stopped a moment then pressed on, deeper until it had breached the ring of muscle. It pulled out and was joined by a second, the fingers widening the opening in preparation and Starsky moaned again. It felt odd and good and his cock pushed out between his legs, the pressure mounting fore and aft.


Eventually satisfied the entrance was prepared, Hutch moved forward and put the head of his hardened cock against the entrance.


‘This is it Gypsy. This joins us forever’. He pushed forward and Starsky reared back at the same moment. The brunet felt as though he was impaled, his muscles contracting around the huge invasion and his stomach cramping in sympathy. He panted and waited for the pains to subside as Hutch hovered, inside, but quiet. As he felt the muscles relax, he pushed further and now that the brunet’s body accepted the rod of flesh, he started to thrust in and out, setting up a steady rhythm.


Starsky started to push back, driving the cock deeper and deeper into his guts until it hit his prostate head on. He bellowed out loud, his word sparkling red and white as shots of pure pleasure spiked inside his gut. He pushed back again and the same pleasure/pain jolted through him, taking his breath away until he was laughing and crying with the sensations. And still Hutch thrust into him, making Starsky wonder just how much longer he could keep up the rhythm, his balls slapping against Starsky’s butt. Eventually Hutch came in a molten load down his captive’s chasm, setting up an answering orgasm in his partner, the smaller man’s cock erupting in it’s own tidal wave against the bed, until the blond groaned and shuddered against the brunet and collapsed against his back, utterly spent.


With his hands still bound behind him, he had no strength to hold them both up and they collapsed onto the bed in a sweating panting heap, hutch’s length still half way inside Starsky. Completely sated, they stayed like that for minutes, spent and unable to move.


Five minutes later. Starsky wriggled against the heavy blond. Hutch roused himself from his stupor.


‘Are you ok there Gypsy?’ he asked softly, easing the damp curls back from the smaller man’s forehead.


‘Arms are cramping’ Starsky said, hoping it didn’t sound like a complaint. He felt warm, loved and drowsy and wanted to cuddle and hug this wonderful man, wishing this night would never end.


Hutch moved off him and rummaged in his bag for the keys, unlocking the cuffs and massaging the bruised wrists one at a time. He dotted small kisses around each wrist and up, setting up wet trails along the brunet’s forearms to his elbows.




‘Uh huh. Can I speak?’


The earnestness in the indigo eyes made Hutch chuckle. ‘Yes, you can speak’.


Starsky pushed himself back onto the bed and dragged his partner with him until he was snuggled into the crook of Hutch’s arm.


‘That was wonderful. Where’d ya learn to do that? Have you ever….’


‘No, never. It just seemed right. Have you?’


‘Nope. And I won’t ever again unless you want to…ya know’.


Hutch pulled him closer and put a kiss on his chocolate curls. ‘No arguments there buddy. There’s just one thing I need to say’.


Starsky braced himself. Was this it? Was his new found love going to say that once was enough and that this was a mistake?


‘What?’ he whispered.


Hutch looked down at the curly haired man enfolded in his arms. ‘What side of the bed do you prefer to sleep on?’